Our Services

Before we do any work for a client, we always encourage them to look inward and have a tough conversation about their intentions. Regardless of the scope of the work involved, the one question a client must ask and answer is: “Do I want to build this project as a center of excellence, or do I want to always outsource its management and implementation?”

If the answer is that you don’t want to own the process now or in the future, that’s perfectly fine. It just means that we aren’t the right partner for you.

What tech is the right tech?

We are tech evangelists, but our presence on your campus is not a long-term solution to the challenges you’re facing. However, what can be a solution is the evolutionary process roadmap we build for you, and the intensive on-the-job training we provide your stakeholders to arm them with the knowledge to fulfill that plan after we depart.

This might sound odd to hear given our love for technology, but there are times where it just doesn’t make sense. Often, companies will deploy robust technology because they feel it’s needed to keep pace. This is usually due to either a competitor rolling out something new or downward pressure to utilize the latest and greatest platforms. One repeatable best pattern we always stress is tying a metric or key performance indicator to everything you do so that you can justify each decision. We’ll help you identify what those metrics should be, and we’ll guide you in anchoring them back to business objectives.

Agnostic Analysis

Blending benefit cost analysis with strategy and technology analysis is a core part of our approach. We are tireless believers in never having a tech project in place that doesn’t relate to a business key performance indicator or a cost-per-revenue metric. Good tech does not necessarily equate to sound business, but a sound business is underpinned by good technology.

Our agnostic approach has helped clients across many sectors achieve untapped value and benefits through the adoption of machine learning projects, product delivery, fractional CIO or CTO engagements, and the integration of enterprise systems and mobile apps. And we typically do this in 90 days or less.

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