About us

Throughout his 25-year career, 1Focus Founder and CEO Principal Sam Adams witnessed first-hand how the relationship between a company and a consultancy typically transpired. First, they’d arrive in bunches—sometimes as many as 20 or 25 “experts” were huddled around the office wherever there was an open desk. Then they worked slowly and without any sense of urgency, plodding along until the 12 or 18-month contract was set to expire. And once they finished and left, the in-house employees had to support a project they neither built nor understood. Activity was confused with progress.

Sam Adams sought to flip that paradigm with 1Focus, partnering with like-minded senior executives to build a different kind of consultancy—one built on a bedrock of efficiency, effectiveness and education.

Assess. Uncover. Advise.

Our process is a three-prong approach that includes assessment, training and implementation. We’ll review your needs and set up short-term deliverables, along with our plan for follow-up, and we’ll collaborate with you on a roadmap to get there. Next, 1Focus will lead you through the definition and measurement of key performance indicators and how to determine the return on your investment. After we’ve shown you what to measure and what success looks like, we’ll lock arms with you and complete the work right alongside you. This immersive process empowers your stakeholders with the knowledge they need to operate your new systems long after we’re gone.

Holistic cost containment

Not only will we supply a cost-effective solution to new technology, but 1Focus can help you better control your total spend by maximizing your opportunity costs. As part of our assessment, we’ll look for areas where your time and efforts are wasted and optimize those processes for substantial improvement.

Be brief, be brilliant and be gone

We always strive to complete our process within a 90-day timeframe.How can we do this? By being agnostic and neutral, and using an iterative process that focuses on small and consistent improvements rather than plans that are aspirational but not feasible. We’re always happy to come back when you hit the next plateau or the next challenge. More than your business, we want to earn your trust as a partner and as someone who has your business goals at the core of every engagement and interaction with you.

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